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Tuesday 27th September 2016
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Property Tax is levied and collection under Sindh Urban Immovable Property Tax Act, 1958.

A uniform rate of tax is levied on all categories of properties @ 25% of annual rental value (ARV).w.e.from


Brief of Property Tax:
(a) The Property Tax is levied and collected under the Sindh Urban Immovable Property Tax Act, 1958 and


framed there under. The Property Tax is levied under Section 3 of the above said Act, by estimating gross 

annual rent, which is determined under Section 5 of the Act.

(b) To ascertain the Annual Value of property unit the Government of Sindh has rationalized and simplified 

the system by notifying a valuation table for different localities under Section 5-A of the Sindh Urban 

immovable Property Tax Act, 1958. For this purpose all the Cities (notified as rating areas) of the Province

of Sindh have been divided into five Groups and these groups are further bifurcated into four zones according

to their socio-economic condition of the localities     .readmore

Property Tax Schedules of Different Cities:- 

Property Tax Schedules Of All Shindh (PDF) i








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