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Saturday 23rd August 2014
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Computerization of Motor Vehicle Registration 


Excise & Taxation Department plays a vital role to generate considerable chunk of revenue. Motor Vehicle Wing is the main constituent of Excise & Taxation Department, Automation of all vehicles record and linkage of Districts of Sindh and other Government  Departments will help in reducing the crimes through vehicle and increasing the transparency including fast communication from central data base. This would augment the Government efforts and to facilitate the motoring public. The online collection of Motor Vehicle Tax facility will provide better services to the motorist and transparency in collection of Government revenue and eliminating leakages and pilfrage by reducing the human elements.

MVRS is a web based system with My Sql  Database on the backend and PHP on the frontend.  District Excise & Taxation Offices access the MVRS database through a web browser over the internet. The use of live web has eliminated the chances of fake vehicles registration. The 20 district Excise & Taxation Offices are currently online connected with main database located at Civic Center Karachi whereas the remaining districts would soon be on-lined.

In this way record of motor vehicles registered in any district of Sindh is stored in a central database server located in Civic Center Karachi,Sindh. Through MVRS, not only motor vehicles data has been safeguarded but management of this important sector has been made simplified. An undue/unauthorized alteration with the vehicles data/files which was ripe in the old paper based system is no more possible in the MVRS 

The core objectives for computerization of Motor Vehicle Registraion are :

v  Revenue collection will be automated and enhanced.

v  Working and efficiency will be improved

v  Linkage will be provided to the other areas outside the Karachi.

v  Easy and prompt performance will be made.

v  Forgery and fraud will be eliminated.

v  All districts of the province will be linked.

v  Online transaction of Motor Vehicle Tax and Registration Fee throughout the province.

v  To create more working space.

v  To stream line the basic working and make operation effectively.

v  To facilitate the motoring public.

v  To meet the future requirements.

v  Prompt result of computer activity.

v  To use the latest information technology.

v  Maintaining correct and updated database.

v  Checking and controlling of vehicle theft and document forgery.

v  On the spot verification of vehicles.

v  Collecting revenue from all registered owners of vehicles through automated tracking and follow ups .



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Tax collection in Sindh gets a major boo

April 10, 2014 Daily Times    KARACHI: Sindh Excise and Taxation Department (E&TD) collected more than Rs 23.017 billion in taxes by February 2014, showing an increase of Rs 3.965 billion as compared to Rs 19.052 billion collected during the corresponding  period of last year.  According to a document available with the PPI news agency, all the seven different taxes collected by the (E&TD) sowed  growth until  February 2014 as compared to the collections during the same period of last fiscal year.   The E&TD collected Rs 2,649.079 million in terms of motor vehicle tax until February, showing an increase of Rs 389.885  million.The collection during the same period of last fiscal year stood at Rs 2,259.194 million.  Similarly, an amount of Rs 2,240.695 million was collected through excise tax as compared to Rs 1,860.552  million in the similar period of last fiscal year, showing an increase of Rs 380.143 million. The infrastructure cess  collection recorded a boost of Rs 2,877.303 million as Rs 16,359.736 million was collected until February of this  fiscal year (2013-14) compared to Rs 13,482.433 million in the similar period of 2012-2013.  Moreover, the E&TD collected an amount of Rs 136.825 million until February in terms of cotton fee as compared to  Rs 122.876 million last year, showing an increase of Rs 13.949 million. The collection of property tax until February of the  current fiscal year made a reasonable growth of Rs 279.800 million at Rs 1,405.653 million against Rs 1,125.853 million c ollected in the same period last year.  Professional tax collection also made a modest rise of Rs 20.726 million at Rs 202.377 million until February as compared  to Rs 181.651 million collected in the corresponding period last year.  The entertainment duty collected during the current fiscal year showed a slightest increase of Rs 3.292 million at Rs 23.040  million as compared to Rs 19.748 million of the last year.  Talking to PPI, Excise and Taxation Director Shoaib Siddiqui said that the rise in revenue collection was due to efforts of  the people in the department, and that they were hopeful that the revenue target set by the government for the fiscal year  would be achieved.   He said that the majority of revenue collection made by his department came from motor vehicle tax and infrastructure cess,  while the recovery of both the taxes stood at 100 percent.  ...

Monday, 14 April 2014


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